10 Reasons Why e-Learning Is Becoming Popular

10 Reasons Why e-Learning Is Becoming Popular

Have you ever experienced by students and even a senior professional, that today’s learning is outdated in school and collage, “The same teacher and instructor with similar course materials and boring class room lectures”

If you have heard the same & carry the same opinion that traditional learning drain energy and do not give you enthusiasm while learning then think twice, I have an another prospective & wanted your view, opinion & prospective too.

Learning is a continuous process, whether you like it or not. Collages and schools teaches you that, Learning is not only to receive, retain and recall information at the right time and right place, but it also teaches the journey of human transformation.

With the new training need for up-skilling, market & competitor research, product fit knowledge with respect to company/university growth strategy and to lower administrative cost, e-Learning is becoming affordable, feasible & viable solution for all students & professionals.

With easy Internet access and the advent of inexpensive devices, learning becomes more fun & interactive and become disruptor for education. Here is the 10 prominent reasons why e-Learning is becoming popular.

1. Its Inexpensive – To View,Download & Share but contain advertisement like You Tube,
2. Variety of Offering – University like IIT, MIT, Howard, Stanford – Offers online certification based on subject.
3. Learn with Fun- MultimediaeBook,Video,Audio,Image, Infographics result into more retention & recall.
4. Community & Network Building– outstanding learning experience with peers & community members helps to build good relationship.
5. Effective Learning– It is said that multitasking reduces focus but audio learning while walking and commuting increases multi-skilling without distraction in less time.Amazon Audible learning tool is gaining momentum.
6. Gamification-Experiential Learning – Professionals, Marketing & Sales even Students and Children are more inclined towards golden triangle approach— Learn-Do-Teach.
7. Flexibility & Convenience per Environment – Work schedule, as per own pace.
8. Well Design Course – Having multiple layers  like Video/Audio/PDF/Text – Learner do not to wait for schedule – want to Full control on subject, move fast as per their interest & advance in their career ladder.
9. Multiple Quality e-Learning Authoring Tool- Inexpensive Audio & Video tools like Ardour,Audacity,Voki,Camtesia & Screenflow,Designrr,Webcam makes custom e-Learning course more powerful.
10. Furnishes narrow & depth understanding based on niche.

The study suggests that people who purchase e-learning modules in Impulse consume less than 5% of the content. Modules should be avoided with high technical and an easy money making stuff. However it is worth checking whether the module is niche specific, well designed, structured and has in-depth content before purchasing. A person’s credibility and authenticity and a safe and secure website should also be checked.

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