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Why Innovation Igniter Organisation? My 03 Stories...


My Father Is My Hero

When I was 15, I asked my father for a bicycle to pass my matriculation with 1st class. Being a middle-class family, my father fulfilled my dream after completing it, although he was cycling the old Hero Cycle until his retirement.

I learned discipline, punctuality, and hard work from my childhood. As a result, I always find him to leave home for his office at 8:00 am and emphasize the importance of schooling.

Seeing my passion for becoming an engineer and a passion for computers, he always kept himself in debt and fulfilled all my dreams and desires from my higher studies till I bought my flat in Pune.

After completing my 15 years in the job, I realized how selfish I am; instead of supporting and becoming ‘Budhape Ki Lathi’ in his old age.

I soon realized this is not ‘Budhpe ki Lathi because he planned to be better and financially stronger than me, but what about the emotional need? And above all, am I giving equal value to my sons and giving them time, effort, and care?

Years down the line, most probably, my son would be studying in a different city, separated by time zones.

I value our relationship and will value it till the last breath. All I would expect from my son is a little emotional support in my old age, and I hope I can nurture a strong budhape ki lathi for my old age.

And that’s why I started the project ‘Pa’ and look forward to working digitally to enable myself to work in the internet space and support from any geography at any time.

The best gift you can give to your children is to explore their passion, give them the best education in the world, and “Emotional Support.”

My Unknown Friends

It was January 2001; it was the lowest phase in my life, struggling to find a job & preparing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) in New Delhi, Jiasarai. After getting a decent score, I decided to pursue higher studies in Mechanical Engineering with Design Specialisation and fill out various college forms.

But Alas! Either college used to kick me out or choose not to elect college other than Design Domain. So finally, I left with only one college providing computer-aided Design, VJTI, Matunga, Mumbai. I had applied for this college & was waiting for the call. Finally, the day came for the Interview; despite not receiving the call letter, I decided to go to college with 10K cash in hand, hoping that I would get selected.

I took a train from Delhi & reached Mumbai early in the morning. It was raining. I refreshed in the college hostel of my friend’s friend and anxiously went to college to find my name on the list. It was a fantastic feeling when I saw my name on the list for Dr. Kotharia Interview Panel. The Interview went well; Dr. Kotharia said – “Jayant, You need to pay 40K for admission by today evening at 6:00 PM”.

I shattered, started thinking how can I arrange an additional 30K that too in a short duration. I went back to the college hostel & shared my incident with my new friend, and to my surprise, every student who came to know this constraint started contributing from their end to get me through. But Alas, we could manage only 25K by 4:00 PM. The rain had decided not to stop & I also decided not to let off this opportunity. Suddenly, I remember my Dadar-based childhood friend Sanjay briefed him over the phone & requested him to help an additional 5K. Those days, mobile phones & ATMs were not so popular, and communication was limited as well.

Finally, in heavy rain, Sanjay arrived in a hostel just 15 minutes before the closure of the admission window, and I got admitted for my higher studies. I could not stop my tear, which was masked by rain & had a lot of gratitude & love for my unknown friends.

From there, I had not turned back. I got a job in my dream company TATA -Engineering Research Center, worked for 15 years in design & fulfill all my ambition & dreams what I inculcated in my childhood days.

When I turned back & remembered this incident, I was still thrilled & charged; what if my unknown friend would not have helped me that day. What if Sanjay could not have reached on time to save me. This experience changed my outlook & gave me a different dimension in my life. It was a defining moment in my life when I decided that, in the future, I would help anyone, whatever my condition would be. I will give my 100% on time. I got a lesson that time is a valuable asset than money. “A real friend walks in your life when the rest of the world walks out.”

My Mentors..

Many of my friends and family members ask me why I quit my job and started the journey of Innovation & entrepreneurship?

“You could have retired with the best position in your company.”

It was July 2004 when I joined Tata as a PG intern in Vehicle Integration, PCBU. I have been introduced by Divisional Head Mr. A. K Adoni, a keen observer & great acumen to solve any technical problem. Under his guidance & mentorship, I started my corporate journey. He held my hand, nurtured me, pushed me to handle the complex problem of the automotive system.

One day while visiting a manufacturing plant, he said, “I am not going to hold your hand anymore. Now, it’s your turn to hold someone. When you have a problem, ask WHY-05 times to yourself, and you will get the answer.”

After someday, I got the shocking news that he is no more, but he taught me a great lesson in life.

Time took off, and I completed 15 years, handled many challenges, and found myself that I am no longer growing. When I asked myself 05 times WHY I found I am not learning; that’s the way I am not growing. I believe that if I am not learning, it means that I am dying.

On that day, I decided I would re-learn. In fact, unlearn before learning. So, quit my job & started learning from the best of mentors in the world.

I decided that I could teach my whole life to someone waiting to learn how to solve their problem and raise their hands to hold them.

Within a year, I completed my course. Then, I founded an organization called “Innovation Igniter” with the mission to help 10,000 young professionals achieve speed to validate a minimal viable product using design & lean thinking with only one true Intention “Learn to Serve and Serve to Learn.”

If you’re WHY is clear, You’re How becomes easy.

The objective of Innovation Igniter is three fold..
1) To Bring Innovative Culture in Organisation by providing innovative edge to the budding entrepreneur to enhance their career using design thinking approach.
2) To Build & Nurture Innovation ecosystem
3) To Find Whitespace Opportunity

About Innovation Igniter

Innovation Igniter works with young budding entrepreneurs around India to provide an innovative edge to their skills. We put practical tools into the hands of every innovation practitioner. We also often give away our tools to support these youths. Igniter’s platform and services help and clearly make them understand customers’ journey, create better products & services, and grow their business.

Welcome, all Entrepreneurs:

Welcome to the Innovation Igniter Module. As part of our innovation framework, we have developed an online collaborative training program, designed to enhance your understanding of innovation. We train you on the specific tools and methodology to develop within your projects. Invent your business sparking models, systems, and strategies to raise funds and complete your project.

Innovation Igniter’s Course: Learning Objectives

  • Design thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Lean thinking
  • Financial thinking
  • Complex problem solving
  • Redefining customer value
  • Frugal innovation
  • Social innovation
  • Digital transformation
  • Business model innovation

Who is this course for?

  • Emerging entrepreneurs want to identify nano-niche and positioning, product stacking, and system design to make a significant difference.
  • The course also applies to designers, researchers, product managers, distribution managers, and professionals who want to learn innovative approaches to problem-solving.
  • The function is product development, innovation, customer service, process management, marketing, strategic planning.

Why should you do this course?

  • This program intends to acquaint and excite the entrepreneurs  & participants about the method and its outcomes through experiential learning techniques for solving innovation and business strategy problems.

Design Thinking Bootcamp

Creating a mindset for innovation culture 

Unlocking and unleashing innovation for accelerated value creation Innovating in emerging markets 

Global and Indian megatrends: opportunities for innovation Institutionalising innovation within companies 

Creativity and problem solving 

Magnetic and scalable Business Model & System

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