Innovation Igniter’s-The Design Thinking

Innovation Igniter’s-The Design Thinking

Innovation Igniter’s Present- The Design Thinking

Design Thinking is the mindset of identifying user problems with a deep sense of empathy.

It re-defines the process by identifying user pain & pleasure points and generating values until it fits their requirement.

In a broader sense, it has three elements: Hunt, Aim, and Fire.

It doesn’t mean hunting the ideas; it simply means chasing the problem and thinking about the user problem, and considering their problem to solve, what your customers are facing right now.

It enables you to generate multiple solutions using different tools to solve the problem and discover a strategy to present what the customer will experience differently.

“Good Design” is innovative and not only meets functional requirements but psychological, aesthetic, self-explanatory, long-lasting, customer-focused, environmentally friendly, & minimal criteria too.

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